Welcome to superb onsen experiences.


Relax, have fun, and enjoy twelve types of baths and a sauna.

You can feel effects of nano-mist bathing that will help improve you beauty, health, and longevity. The Yunoshiro is also equipped with outdoor baths, a sauna, and a cold water bath.

Rock bath--Kihin-no-yu

Appreciate each of the four seasons. It is a time for soothing in a rustic but luxurious atmosphere.

Cypress bath--Hogyoku-no-yu

Bathing in a cypress bathtub offers a special touch and aroma of natural treasure. The Japanese traditional cypress bathtub also has deodorizing and antibacterial effects.

Highly-concentrated oxygen bath--Shoukou-no-yu

Named after a women's guest house in the ancient period. It will soothe you with bubbles of highly concentrated oxygen, rejuvenating your beauty and health.

Milky white water--Shinju-no-yu

The water will leave your skin silky smooth and pearly bright. Beauty effect is expected, too.

Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun, holidays: 6 am
Thursdays: 9 am
Admission fees
Adults: 700 yen (weekdays) / 780 yen (Sat, Sun, holidays)
Children: 300 yen (weekdays) / 300 yen (Sat, Sun, holidays) Preschool children: 100 yen
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun: 1 am (Last check-in: 12:30 am)
Fri, Sat, days before holidays: 2 am (Last check-in: 1:30 am)

Guide for the use of YU-NO-SHIRO Onsen

  • Put your shoes in a shoe locker and bring the key with you.

  • Buy an admission ticket and hand it in to the clerk.

  • Use a coin return locker (100 yen coin).

  • Enjoy twelve kinds of baths as much as you like.

When carrying valuables
There are lockers for valuables in front of the front desk. You are recommended to use a valuable locker if you have valuables.
Note) Services for dining, relaxation, skin-scrubbing, and healing salon IYSAHI-NO-SHIRO are not available without admission.
Never fail to wear the locker key.
In the dressing room, use a coin return locker with a 100 yen coin.
You can purchase bathroom amenities such as toothbrushes from a vending machine.  
A coin changer is available.(1000 yen/500 yen → 100 yen)
Enjoy your onsen experience, while noting the following precautions for bathing.
Before entering a bath,rinse your body with water.
Do not soak in a tub too long.
Drink enough fluid, but not alcohol.
Equipped with shampoo,conditioner, and body soap.

Manners to use dressing rooms and baths

  • Before entering a bath tub, rinse your body with hot water to warm up your body and rinse off sweat and dirt.

  • Keep a towel out of the water.

  • People wearing tattoos, body paint, and seals are prohibited from entering facilities.

  • No hair dyeing is acceptable.

  • Do not put your hair underwater.

  • Refrain from making a big fuss.

  • Do not hold a place.

  • Do not bring in food, drink, books, etc.

  • Do not use cameras, cell phones, and other precision instruments.

Healoing Salon IYSAHI-NO-SHIRO|ヒーリングサロン癒の城

Whole-day of relaxation. Fully heal your body and your mind.

Enjoy all the occasions prepared for you. Sweat, remove waste materials, and refresh yourself. Sweating benefits. After breaking a sweat, you will feel great. Our plasma healing hall is a perfect place to relax and unwind.

How to use the Healing Salon IYASHI-NO-SHIRO

  • 1. Buy an admission ticket and a healing ticket.
    2. Hand the tickets and a shoe locker key to the clerk.
    3. Receive the salon wears.

  • 1. Change into the salon wears.
    2. Use the Healing Salon IYASHI-NO-SHIRO on 2F.

  • Enter the Healing Salon

  • Before exiting the salon, return the salon wears, bathtowel, and bag to the front desk.

Receive the salon wears.
1 Wears (Men's, M/L/LL)
2 Wears (Women's, S/M/L)
3 Large-sized bathtowel
4 Bag
Use a locker in the dressing room.
The salon bag number does not match the locker number.Use any locker that you like.
Return the salon bag to the front desk.
On your way out, return the salon bag, wears, and bathtowel. You will receive the shoe locker key.
Facility user charge of the Healing Salon
500 yen (weekdays) / 570 yen (Sat, Sun, holidays)
*For adult use only. Admission fee is needed separately.

Dining & Relaxation|お食事+リラクゼーション

Enjoy a gourmet dining after bathing.

A variety of seasonal dishes can be served! Breakfast and lunch menus are also available. Furthermore, fresh vegetable and fruit juices will vitalize your cells. Have a glass of fresh juice after your bath.

Fresh juice in season

Savor our delicious, specialty fresh juice after the bath. We also offer ice creams, ice shavings, and other various seasonal menus.

Ultimate relaxation

After bathing, thorough full-body massage offers health benefits. For esthetic effects, Korean traditional skin-scrubbing helps promote your skin respiration, blood circulation, and skin cell turnover rate.


Extensive services will welcome your visit.

Large-sized lockers are equipped, useful for people travelling with big luggage. Free Wi-Fi access is available in the facility. Feel free to visit us anytime empty-handed.

Business Hours

Onsen opens
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun, holidays: 6 am
Thursdays: 9 am
Onsen closes
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun: 1 am (Last check-in: 12:30 am)
Fri, Sat, days before holidays: 2 am (Last check-in: 1:30 am)

Fees and Charges Information

Admission fees
Adults: 700 yen (weekdays) / 800 yen (Sat, Sun, holidays)
Children: 300 yen (weekdays) / 350 yen (Sat, Sun, holidays) Preschool children: 100 yen
Facility user charge of the Healing Salon
450 yen (weekdays) / 550 yen (Sat, Sun, holidays)
*For adult use only. Admission fee is needed separately.


Ozone Onsen YU-NO-SHIRO
28-7 Higashiozone-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya 461-0022
Tel (052)933-0261

By car

【From Imaike area】8-min drive from Imaike Intersection. Go north with Tokugawa Art Museum on your left.

【From Nagoya Dome】Go south and turn right at Kodekimachi Intersection. Turn right at Shindeki Intersection.

【From Kasugai area】Go along Route 19 and turn left at Tokugawa 2-chome Interscction. Turn left at Tokugawa Art Museum North Intersection. Shortly on your left.

By train

【Subway】Take a Meijo Line subway to Ozone and go out through the East wicket gate. An 8-min walk to south.

【JR】Take a JR Chuo Line to Ozone. A 5-min walk to west from the South exit.